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differentiating Singaporean girls.

typical Ah Lians VS Glamourous Girls.

Typical Ah Lian.

[(thick eyeliners + thick fake lashes + thick foundations + bad concealing) + Cigarette ]

Glamourous Girls

( eyeliners + concealer + foundations )
= Simple.
[( eyeliners + concealer + foundations ) + Blushes + Pinky Lip Gloss]
= Cute.
[( eyeliners + concealer + foundations ) + Bronzer + Lip Gloss ]
= Sexy.
{ [ ( eyeliners + concealer + foundations ) + Blushes + Red Lipstick ] + Center Parting }
= Goddess


{[( eyeliners + concealer + foundations ) + Bronzer + Lip Gloss ] + Cigarettes}

Saturday, February 4, 2012,11:38 AM


wedding could probably be one of the most romantic thing that could happen on earth. the white gown. that beautiful. those flowers. and all..

my friends and i were chatting a while ago, and i start talking about a little wishes i would love to fulfill in future - buy a studio condominium, a mini cooper. just somehow, it linked to the topic of wedding.

in fact, weddings has never really came across my mind, though bridal gown fantasized me ( i've got that little weakness for gowns, and i dont know why. ). i've always believe that weddings is an significant occasion that marks the day of you finally settling down and love your partner wholeheartly. but i beg to differ when it comes to a wedding certificates , i'm sorry but it seems more like a legal certificate to fuck your partners instead.

i could never understand what's the significant reason behind for having a wedding banquet, spending the wholesum of money on food for a bunch of unrelated people, or someone you barely know (namely, your relatives).

however, despite all this ranting and nonsenses, i still believe in weddings. who knows i would get a girl for myself, love her wholeheartly; and finally settling down with her. well, we never know the future.

just a short message for all young couples outside - if you love your partner, seize the opportunity, love him or her wholeheartly. true love are hard to come by. when it's meant for you, it's yours.

Saturday, January 14, 2012,10:42 PM

.. what i hate.

I really hate this particular feelings i have each time i have to book in.

I feel lost.
I feel so sick.
I'll be homesick.

i hate the feeling of leaving my home.

Sunday, January 8, 2012,4:39 PM


Psst! I'm Brendan Jenkins.

" I'm not a Girl, neither a Boy! I'm just an alien in a Human Skin. I'm not a fashionista, but I am not a slobby dresser. I am not choosy person, neither an easy person. I not conservative, neither too open. I'm a person FULL OF NONSENSE.

I am Just Who I am.

. .